" A Valentine for The Man In My Life (CSU Class)"

A Valentine for The Man In My Life

My heart rate jumps,

and I know why.

I've heard his loving voice.

The words he speaks

like manna fall,

Love washes,

I've no choice.

I feel the touch

Of his sweet hands

Caress my hair and face.


The joy he brings,

Pure bliss is what I taste.

He tells me I'm

the very best,

I know it is not true.

But in my heart

I cherish it.

The fact, he loves me too.

The time we spend

together now,

is much too short for me.

I long to feel

the warmth of him,

To share his company.

When we go out

the heads do turn.

He's such a handsome guy.

I hear the echos,

whispered words,

I chuckle then I sigh.

For he is mine,

Today at least.

Tomorrow he'll go home.

Then I will miss

my special guy.

Existing all alone.

I could feel sad

when off he goes

to his own family,

But I prefer

To thank the Lord

for gifts He's given me...

My Love, My Austin, My Grandson...

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Afzal Shauq's picture

great poem and I went through few of your more poems and liked them all..means you are sweet poetess and love the way you write poetry...hope your heart will also be tocuhed by my peace poems if you go through and let me know dear friend ...best of luck