" While I Was Being Wonder Woman "

While I Was Being Wonder Woman

While I was being Wonder Woman

My little boys grew up.

I've never missed my powers at all,

But I miss my sons so much!

Oh I was quite a Wonder then,

At keeping our world straight.

I'd clean up evil messes,

With the devil I'd debate.

I spent a zillion eons while

Persuing lasooed truth.

And lost the years we could have had,

The innocence of youth.

Oh, I was quite a Wonder, sure!

I held our home in tact.

But I lost time with little boys

I never can get back.

I worked and managed, on a dime,

To stretch the less to more.

I spun around and they were gone,

Those ones I still adore.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think that every woman feels the pressure of being Wonder Woman to her family.  She's mom, cook, housekeeper, laundress, clerk, maid, chauffeur, moderator, referee, teacher, AND 95% WORK OUTSIDE THE HOME!  All those chores and all those duties stole too many quality hours from my time with my children.  I think I regret that more than anything else in my life.

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kat's picture

Very nice poem, Jess, I like that wonder woman theme.

Ya know, it's all different looking back. At the time, you
were doing the best you could. And, I suppose, that's the
way things were expected then too. But hey, I bet you were
doing what you thought was the very best at that time. So don't
let it worry you too much now. We all see better with hindsight.