" Winter Nights "

Winter Nights

I miss the trill of singing birds,

Cicadas in the grass,

The wind that whistles past me now,

Feels like a northern blast.

I rise me up to blackened skies,

Arrive at work 'fore day.

Then as I travel home again,

The sun has slipped away.

These winter nights so long and cold,

Leave me with icy toes.

I need the spring to come again,

Release me, winter's woes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't think I've ever appreciated winter.  Ever.

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cynthia's picture

What a beautiful piece. I love the background. *S* Cynthia

Smile ... and the world will smile with you. - Author Cynthia Jones

Heather Ewoldsen White's picture

This is lovely. I would hibernate until Spring if I could.

kat's picture

As usual, very nice, and well said. I remember days when I'd do the same.....arrive in the dark....leave in the dark. Short days, cold days, only thing they are good for is making us appreciate the better days.
ood going Jess.