" New Year's Resolution "

New Year's Resolution

Each year we all reflect on things

We wish we'd had or done.

We make a list of failures past,

And goals for days to come.

We call them resolutions, Hah!

This year I'll have no part.

I've given up this promise list,

To keep a thankful heart.

I'm thankful that although I've lost

so much along the way,

I still have multitudes of wealth

To count on day by day.

I have my sons, so tall and strong,

To lean on when I'm worn,

And then three precious grandkids,

With all my love foresworn.

I have my health and family,

A home to keep me warm,

Transportation at my whim,

A husband's loving charm,

The neighbors living close to me,

Have often shown concern.

I'm thankful for this country life,

The lessons I have learned.

A job to keep the larder filled,

Friends to share the best,

A longing to be close to God,

To make Him more not less.

So grateful am I for my gains,

I've no room now for quests,

To lose ten pounds, or make big bucks,

Or daily be my best.

I've realized just one week past,

That I could lose it all.

In one foul sweep my gains could go

My heart a shriveled ball.

This year I'll make a different pact,

And this one I shall keep,

I plan to have a Thankful Heart,

Should I then laugh or weep.

God has not bequested us

With days that have no end.

I'll take the days He loans me now,

With joy and thanks to tend.

I'll try to keep myself in check

If ever I complain,

Remembering that worse could come

And I've more joy than pain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I almost lost my two oldest grandchildren Christmas Eve in an awful automobile wreck.  I'm too thankful for what I already have to want to make more goals.

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smartalec's picture

Oh wow, this was one of the better poems I have ever seen Mrs. Martin, it made me think about how I myself make goals and never realize what I already have. I hope that all is well with you and your family.

Oh, and, if you ever get the time, please feel free to look at my poems!!!

Heather Ewoldsen White's picture

This is beautiful. It is well written and has a nice flow to it.

I'm glad your grandchildren survived!

kat's picture


Another excellent job (as usual) putting life's experiences, good or bad,
into a meaningful and well written poem.


Ernest Bevans's picture


My prayers go with you and your family
that 2004 bring you all you desire and more!

Your friend and poet


David Richardson's picture


Beautifully written with so much visionary skills, beauty and grace. Picturesque beauty so so so stunning-words selected so so beautifully interwoven within this masterpiece of feelings and love and extreme appreciation of what we have that we taken for granted each and every day.Jessica-thank you for sharing your beautiful poetic skills with me and have a very safe,beautiful and properous New Year.Please take care.

Dave Richardson
1/01/04 3:39pm est