His BooBoo

His Boo Boo

It's been so long since love like this

So flooded, filled my heart.

I bit back tears to kiss his face

Today as we did part.

My Precious Love, My Grandson,

The bearer of my hope.

Pride swells within and fills me so

I think that I might choke.

So tough and manly, never cries

Although he winced at touch.

"What's wrong?" I asked at his pained look.

"I love you very much!"

"Hut me," he said in baby talk.

"What hurt you?" was my quest.

He showed me then his "boo boo",

I was angry I confess.

A round and ugly sore he bore

In the middle of his palm.

I recognized a burn at once,

And almost lost my calm.

"Hut me," he said, "tiggawette"

The rage inside me rose.

"Who hurt you, Baby?" I persued,

And kissed him on his nose.

"Mama hut me, tiggawette,"

He pointed to the sore.

If that child shows me ONE MORE "BOO BOO",

I'll beat her butt for sure!!


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ultimprv's picture

Nice, cute picture too
now where Dr. Seuss gets
his ideas

Much Respect, One Love

kat's picture

Oh Jessica, how sad. Poor lil Austin. I can understand you need to kick someone's butt.
Good job....hope he's feeling better!