The First Night We Slept Together

The First Night We Slept Together

His hands, so small that it takes both

To hold his cup to drink,

Caress my face when I’m asleep,

I dare not even blink.

“My Nana,” is his whispered chant,

As on and on he goes.

Caressing cheeks now wet with tears,

He loves me!  Two-years-old.

It’s like he finds it awesome too,

That we each have the other.

Mom and Dad have long split up,

There’s brand new baby brother.

“My Nana,” whispered to the night,

With strokes from tiny hands,

Will keep my heart encased in love

As strong as welded bands.

I talk with him and tell him yarns,

He giggles when I play.

I listen as he shares his world.

A sad one, I must say.

He knows I love him with my all,

He feels it deep inside.

“Yew my mama?” He has asked.

And how I swelled with pride.

“No, Baby, I’m just your Nana,”

I told him through my pain.

“But Nana loves you more than life,

I won’t lose you again.”

For two years now we’ve been apart.

And it’s not even fair,

We could have had this wondrous love

To cope, enjoy and share.

He’s needed me and I need him.

This first night was the proof.

His whispered words “MY Nana,”

As face he stroked and smoothed.

It waked me from a solid sleep

To find a treasured prize.

My baby grandson claiming me,

With words and strokes and sighs.

He understood that very night

That we were meant to be.

And now when time for him to go,

He begs to stay with me.

I cannot comprehend a mom

Who turns such joy away.

But I thank God for all that love

And guard it close each day.

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Heather Ewoldsen White's picture

This is beautifully written. You did a good job of conveying your emotions. My heart aches for your grandson.