Love Magic

Love Magic

It's magic how you slip inside

My mind to leave your mark.

Your visage takes my breath away.

You give my days a start.

Infinite and numberless

The joys you give to me...

I trust you'll share my hearth and home,

A life's mate you shall be.

So happy you have made my world,

I'm energized, renewed.

All sorrow you have ripped away.

So quickly it's subdued.

I feel as though the blazing sun

Had somehow come to rest,

Inside of me and chosen then

To party in my chest.

Your love has sapped my strength and yet

With vigor I replace

The energy resuscitates

Each time I see your face.

Music: Someone To Watch Over Me

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kat's picture

A most excellent response to the word challenge. Bravo!
I love it.