Lo, darkness battles with the light

'Til night o'ertakes, descends.

With graciousness the day takes flight,

Our universe transcends.

All creatures great or small this eve,

Have taken to their lairs,

Those Arctic gusts make me believe

Folk sensible stay there.

I wonder at the nighttime sky

Of navy blue I see.

A joy not measured makes me sigh,

Oh!  I am blessed indeed.

Silver light slips through the pane.

I've riches many-fold.

Jeweled candlelight reflects

To fill the room with gold.

In child-like awe I whisper, "YES!"

No greater pleasure know,

Than being caught and cabin-bound,

I chuckle, "Let it snow!"

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Wow Jess!

Love this one! WOW!!

Greetings from Down Under