" The Man In My Life "

The Man In My Life

My heart rate jumps,

and I know why.

I've heard his loving voice.

The words he speaks

like manna fall,

Love washes,

I've no choice.

I feel the touch

Of his sweet hands

Caress my hair and face.


The joy he brings,

Pure bliss is what I taste.

He tells me I'm

the very best,

I know it is not true.

But in my heart

I cherish it.

The fact, he loves me too.

The time we spend

together now,

is much too short for me.

I long to feel

the warmth of him,

To share his company.

When we go out

the heads do turn.

He's such a handsome guy.

I hear the echos,

whispered words,

I chuckle then I sigh.

For he is mine,

Today at least.

Tomorrow he'll go home.

Then I will miss

my special guy.

Existing all alone.

I could feel sad

when off he goes

to his own family,

But I prefer

To thank the Lord

for gifts he's given me...

My Austin, my grandson...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We've had 4 beautiful days together and I sure do hate to see him leave, but Christmas break is coming and I can get him then.

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kat's picture

Well, well, how did I miss this one? You must have snuck it past me.
What a special poem for a special little guy.
How lucky you both have each other.