Good Morning, Love

Good Morning, Love

Your words like rain as soft as silk

Fell gently on my mind.

"Good Morning, Love," you said to me.

Your manner sweet and kind.

I entered day with joy intact,

Because you met me there...

The gentle guardian of my nights,

With whom my days I share.

"Good Morning, Love," you said to me,

And all the cobwebs cleared.

With just three words you brought me close

And all my doubts were sheared.

Though not a Bowser Goddess I,

And you no armor wear,

My day begins in loving peace.

To know that you are there.


The painting above is by Jonathan Earl Bowser.  To see more of his work click the bar below.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was created using's poetry maker.  It's as easy as cut and paste and step by step you can do it too.  Go visit to see for yourself.

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ugonna's picture

Hopeful lines of loving reality
define the uplifting essence of
this piece, Jessica.

And indeed, one is lead into a
heartland of cherishment and joy
clad in peaceful, angellic care!


Mary Charest's picture

Wonderful, Jessica...just wonderful. Love the writing style, reminiscent of the old masters.
Your friend,