Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day

Snow white crosses, single file

Stand 'round the courthouse square.

All are topped with tiny flags--

The veterans put them there.

Each cross in silence bears a name

Of one who left to fight,

But never made it home again.

Oh, such a mournful sight!

A simple rural town is this,

And country boys were they,

Who gave their all for liberty,

When they left home one day.

I can’t describe the chills I get

When every Veteran’s Day,

I see those crosses wrapped around

The courthouse on display.

Some father’s son, some lady’s love,

Had donned a uniform,

To serve our country  like a man,

But never made it home.

Old-fashioned to the core am I

When  passing by that scene.

It never fails to give me pause,

As tears run down in streams.

Today again is Veteran’s Day,

And I for one am PROUD,

To be veteran’s little girl,

I’ll shout it high and loud.

I thank the Lord for giving me

A daddy who has known

A selfless life of giving all

That we’d be safe at home.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The picture above is one I took myself in Greenville, Georgia, a small town approximately 60 miles south of Atlanta.  Every Memorial Day, or Veteran's Day the scene is the same.  On Flag Day there are flags all around the square.  I love this little country town.  People still believe in what our country has long stood for.  I've always been patriotic.  It comes naturally.  My daddy left home from Heard County Georgia in 1941 and didn't come back again for 4 and a half years.  He and others like him had been holding the Japanese down  for two weeks until reinforcements came-- the Marines who raised the flag on Iwo Jima.  I thank God for Daddy and those like him.

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David Richardson's picture

Beautifully written with so much love and admiration for those who have served and given their lives for this country so we can all today enjoy the freedom and beauty of this sacred and very beautiful country of ours. Jessica,thank you for your love and patriotism of this awesome nation. Take care my lady and have a very beautiful and safe day.

Dave Richardson

kat's picture

Very well done Jessica. Great pics, too.