The Message In The Sunset

The Message In The  Sunset

I saw the fiery splash of red

You spread across the sky.

I stood dumbstruck absorbing hues

With my artistic eye.

You paint with power and majesty!

Your canvas IS the world!

You brushed pure love

into your work,

As orange and purples swirled.

I call myself an artist?

Hah! Masterful are You!

A painting spread for all to see,

BUT JUST FOR ME, (I knew!)

So many times I've given love,

Through talent from my hands,

To have it taken gracelessly,

The joy turned into sand.

I couldn't let you feel the loss,

When you had changed my day!

I stood there in that parking lot

As strangers heard me say...



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Author's Notes/Comments: 

God is so good to me!!!

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David Richardson's picture


This poem is so beautiful and inspiring it actually made me cry. Your visualization skills are oh so inspiring and your grasp of the beauty of nature is completely spellbounding. You are a very beautiful talented and gifted poetress my lady. Never stop writing!!!!!Thank you for sharing your beauty and intense love of nature and GOD!!Please take care and have a very beautiful day.

Dave Richardson