A Neighbor's Observation

A Neighbor's Observation

Her driveway now is filled with cars

That yesterday was bare.

Long hours of solitude she spent

In one porch rocking chair.

The sons she raised with sweat and toil

Had seldom crossed her door.

I saw them in her yard today,

Her heart's desire, all four!

She called me often through the years,

Confessed her loneliness.

Said, "Don't think I'm complaining,"

"For God has truly blessed."

Through years the friends quit coming round,

Each living to himself.

So there she sat, a Godly soul,

Alone, confused, bereft.

This morn old neighbors filtered in,

As after months they came.

Each had a tale of friendship sweet,

And praised her saintly name.

The table strained with food folks brought,

(For years SHE ate alone.)

But casseroles, and eggs, and meats

They piled until it groaned.

I wonder if they understood--

Those church folk and her friends,

That if they'd come just one week past

Oh, what a difference!?

I watched the truth unfold in view,

A lauding accolade.

Too bad she can't enjoy it.

We buried her today.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I lost a dear neighbor Tuesday morning.  She died in her sleep, just didn't wake up.  One Saturday night her house burned to the ground and Sunday morning she was sitting right in the same spot in church, borrowed dress, hands raised in praise and thanking God that her family had been spared...the soot still in her white hair.  When will we ever learn that our old folks are precious to us and need to be enjoyed and loved?  She always said, "I'll live and die with Jesus."  I keep telling myself that she wasn't alone Tuesday night.  Jesus was there.

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withpen_inhand's picture

Jess,I am also a strong believer in keeping our elderly in our hearts and minds everyday.I have even said so in some of my writings.Jess,you have the rare talent of getting the feel and the essence into your poems,,,Huggggs Buren

Starward's picture

Superb! This poemd deserves the widest possible exposure, because it contains such deep wisdom presented with high verbal talent!


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Jonah's picture

Very good! I look for the sadness sometimes because there is so much of it. I can relate to this because I was a CNA.
Now I am a full time caregiver for my Mom. I loved this poem, but actually I returned because I wanted to comment on a song in the other poem I read. I played it on the piano. It was "The Dance." Recorded by Garth Brooks.
I wondered if you had heard my favorite though "If Tomorrow Never Comes" by the same artist? I used to sing it for "Noni," my Grandmother. Thanks for sharing.