Without You

Family And Friends

Without You

Yesterday, I smiled inside.

Life held anticipation.

Today I sigh in sad repose.

Here is a quick summation:

The visit planned for Labor Day,

The Country Arts and Crafts,

The picnic, holding hands with him,

Are cancelled--first to last.

The hugs and kisses will not be,

The laughter fresh and sweet,

Will not become a memory.

He is not mine to keep.

My grandson will not visit me,

As in my joyful plans.

His gentle love I shall not see,

My precious Sugarman.

He told me on the phone this week,

"Tum dit me, Nana, pweeze?"

A two-year-old, and Nana's plans,

All plucked out like dried weeds.

Why can't life be a nicer thing?

While each one loves his brother?

Where people think before they act?

And all respect each other?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Maybe next week, Austin.  But there won't be a Power's Crossroads Fair then, will there?

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jonah (richard weller)'s picture

Superior! You are a much better poet than I. The love and sadness touched my heart. "Tum dit me, Nana, pweeze?" made my day! My Grandmother was to be called Nana, but we mispronounced it Noni. (or Nony) And that became her name. If you have the time, please look at my "Fathers Day Poem," that helped heal a broken relationship with my Dad. I haven't written poetry in a long time, but someone inspired me. Last night I wrote "For a Friend in Africa" and it turned out to be pretty good. But her response in my guestbook brought me to tears. I must start to write again. Your poems have inspired me too. Thanks! God bless you. Jonah