I Murdered Bambi This Morning

I Murdered Bambi This Morning

The sun outside is shining,

But it's raining in my heart.

The ache has been there all day long,

Will last far after dark.

I hate myself to pieces!

I wish I'd stayed at home!

Inside the city limits here,

I hit a tiny fawn.

I love the wild deer roaming,

My paintings tell you this.

I wasn't even speeding

Yet, his body couldn't miss.

I pulled onto the roadside,

And cried until I choked,

Checked my car, but NOT ONE DENT

Pulled back onto the road.

He was a spotted BABY

Who chased his mother doe.

Here I sit with guilt that swells,

My heart brimful of woe.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I still feel like crying and that has been 6 hours ago now.  I don't even like to run over snakes in the road.  

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Corey Fox's picture

i feel Your pain, i too am sensitive to life around me as well! one love Corey & co

word_man's picture

God forgives you

ron parrish

joe's picture

I understand your grief. It is too bad it happened. But it was beyond your control. But through poems and paintings you will help spreading the love for animals.

kat's picture

Awww Jessica! You KNOW you didn't murder that fawn, it was an accident!
In spite of the subject, it's a good poem....and sorry to say, but the line about
leaving him flat, well, I couldn't help but laugh a little bit---kinda reminded me
of when Bambi went sprawling across the ice in the movie---remember?
Cheer up, you feel better soon!