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Keep your cat inside!

He might ride a witch's broom,

To skim the ocean wide.

Halloween is coming soon!!!

So make your costume great!

Place a jack-o-lantern filled

With candies by your gate.

Halloween is coming soon!!!

A night for having fun.

We all know witches aren't real,

But still we shout and run.

Halloween is coming soon!!!

I'll dress up like a bat,

And take my little sister's hand

In her pointed witch's hat.

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christopher_ryan's picture

Being a child of the Night, and Born on Halloween no less
i decided to come and leave a footprint, here. Also, thanks for the vote of confidence you left on my post page, it's always nice to grab someones attention.
It's 10:31 by my clock, Halloween is coming soon.

Christopher Ryan, the Nowhereman

kat's picture

Very cute lil poem....but where is Austin? Surely your little muse is ready to trick or
treat this year. Hmmm, I wonder if he'll be spiderman? I love all the halloween pics and
that background looks great!