Austin--Family Traits

Family And Friends

Family Traits

He asks a hundred questions.

I chuckle and reply.

It's only when he isn't here,

In solitude I sigh.

A playful punch of energy,

All Bubbling, bouncing love,

My precious baby grandson,

A gift from God above.

I watch him dancing just like Ben,

And skipping just like Gene.

He folds his hands just like his dad,

And my three sons I'm seeing.

So innocent and bashful,

Yet, tells me all his news.

My heart is filled with images.

He has become my muse.

It's strange now how short weeks ago,

An emptiness prevailed.

Sweet Austin's love has filled me full

With joy I cannot tell.

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kat's picture

Another goodie....Austin has become quite a muse and amusing, hasn't he?
Such a cute lil kid.