Austin--Coming Back Home

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Coming Back Home

My heart hangs heavy in my breast.

The thudding pain is real.

While yesterday held light and joy,

Today the loss I feel.

His visit spent, I took him home--

My laughing, skipping boy.

His chubby legs run back and forth,

My heart his fragile toy.

My face a mask I turn around,

To make my journey home.

He's just a tiny little soul,

Yet, I'm left so ALONE!

I'll count the days until again,

His cherub's face I'll greet,

And live on memories sublime,

When Austin stayed all week.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I cried on the way home after leaving my grandson.  How can someone so small hold such a big part of my heart?

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kat's picture

Ahhh, toddlers---the world's biggest thieves! They can steal your heart in
no time flat. Good poem, Jess. And doesn't he look like such a 'big boy' in
this photo! Do you think he knows he's got his Nana wrapped 'round his
little finger? LOL

withpen_inhand's picture

Being a Grandfather,this write really hits home,and tuggs at Heartstrings.I Love it Jess....Hugggggs,,,Buren