Austin--Playing Outside

Family And Friends

Playing Outside

His idea of drama is Three Little Pigs.

Catsup's his favorite food.

No matter, whatever the kitchen serves,

To "dippit" then makes it good.

He has flirty eyes and a very sweet smile.

Don't let that fool you a bit.

On Austin's hat it says, "Baby Taz"

He'll have you spinning in fits!

He loves bouncing balls, playing out in the yard,

Rather be running than eat.

He may be "All Boy" and love four-wheeled toys,

But OH! That rascal is sweet!

I bought him a pool to put in the sun,

Then rolled out the hose at the last.

I turned on the water, and he took that hose,

And chased me all through the wet grass.

Laughter comes bubbling from Austin with ease.

He loves every bit of life's joy.

He takes all the pleasure one heart can conceive,

He's Nana's own love, precious boy.

It's hard to imagine that two years ago,

I'd never once heard his sweet name.

This child who has anchored himself in my heart,

With elation unfettered, untamed.

Playing outside is a wonderful thing,

When seen through the eyes of a child.

The world lies in wait with its vast mystery,

Expectant, and all undefiled.

Just one more hot day in summertime,

And nothing was special at all,

Until I watched Austin filling his pool,

Chasing butterflies, ME, and his ball.

Awtin luvs Pidahman.

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kat's picture

Sems like whenever I read another Austin poem, I want to pack up the car and come play with you two. You definately have a way of drawing us into the fun. Good job as always.

Dark Angel's picture

Hi....thanx for sharing your poetry with me and better yet thanx for your wonderful comment on my poem. I think this poem is a really cute one!!!! I love it alot. And I seriously cannot wait for my 1 year old son to get a little bit older to be this cute!!....All of your work is great!!!..:)

Karyn Indursky's picture

Austin certainly is lucky to be blessed with you. Your love from him seeps from your eyes into mine. I can't help, but love this child as you do from hearing his laughter to envisioning him chasing you with that hose. He reminds me of my beloved nephew and with that I can't help, but be grateful because that plants a smile on my face as does this poem. I hope you never stop writing and sharing it with me because nothing is more special than lives being meaningful poetry.