"A Rainy Day Poem"

A Rainy Day Poem

I'm tired today and don't know why.

There's nothing I can blame.

The lime-green leaves outside my door

Look darker in the rain.

It's midday here as I look out

Yet, seems as though near dusk.

I'm tired today.  I think I'll nap.

My thoughts have turned to mush.

Once I loved these rainy days

When we would stay inside,

And share our own sweet secrets here,

Those love words and those sighs.

I'm tired today and I feel sad.

I don't know why I do.

It could be that these rainy days,

Remind my heart of you.

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Nicolette Van der Walt's picture

Dear Jessica

Maywe it was destined for me to read this touching poem of yours today...it brought tears to my eyes in a way I think you will understand.

From the beautiful painting through the music "Always on my mind" to the last line of your poem ("remind my heart of you") deep inside I feel the rain - and the pain of losing a loved one...

Thank you for sharing more than just this poem...


kat's picture

Very nice poem Jess.
Funny, I was just thinking about writing a rain poem.
Must be these spring showers.
BTW, love the format....gotta learn that.