If I Could Pretend

If I Could Pretend

If I could pretend

And thus make it all true,

I'd wish for a season

For just me and you.

I'd wish all your work

Would bring what you seek.

Envisioning lovers

I'd give you a peek.

I'd list sunlit meadows

With whipporwill songs,

And moonlightened porch swings,

And kisses prolonged.

I'd wish for a cleansing

From guilt you have born.

I'd rinse away worry,

Then quiet each storm.

I sometimes pretend now

You have me in mind,

When singing your solo,

Or writing your rhymes.

I'm good at pretending.

The problem is this.

Your love was, is, will be,

The top of my list.

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Rachel  Marie Tate's picture

Love the sentiment in this one and greatly enjoy the starry background and the painting...