"Goodbye, Sweet June"

Goodbye, Sweet June

I laughed and watched you ham it up

On TV--black and white

A Grand Ole Opry superstar,

You made my burdens light.

Your down-home charm inferred to me

That you were family.

Goodbye, Sweet June, I'll miss you sore.

I say farewell to thee.

Your love affair with Johnny Cash

Quite stole my breath away,

I marveled at the faith you showed,

To love, believe and pray.

We never met, my sister,

And yet I  shared your pain.

Goodbye, Sweet June, I'll miss you sore,

The teardrops fall like rain.

I'll pray for your dear Johnny.

That he will be all right,

But we both know he'll miss you,

You were his guiding light.

The world today feels lonely,

For one I never knew.

Goodbye, Sweet June, I'll miss you sore.

I say Goodbye to you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Will The Circle Be Unbroken", the song playing here, was written by Mama Maybelle Carter who passed away many years ago....reunited at last, but oh, we'll miss you, Sweet June.

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Rachel  Marie Tate's picture

Lovely dedication... my dad once filled Johnny Cash's prescription and met him and his wife and had a wonderful conversation with them... we (kids) were all quite thrilled by the star encounter :-) But that's neither here nor there... this was a beautiful page and poem...