It's simple if you look at it

With logic of the mind.

I've never fit into your mold,

I'm of a different kind.

It's simple how you promised love

As true and soft as rain.

The sorrow came when all you brought

To me was need and pain.

I'm thinking now I might have been

Much better off before.

Had I not met you and your charms,

I would not wish for more.

I'm just a country girl in search

Of love that gives me joy.

All I ever wanted, Sir,

Was a simple country boy.

You opened up my mind to wish,

My heart you gave new wings.

I would have stayed a land-locked bird

Had I known how flight stings.

I've soared with you and dived to earth,

I catapulted trees.

You've given me a melody,

That brought me to my knees.

I've been obsessed with loving you,

I've lingered over rhymes,

I've listened as you sweetly spoke

Of Secret loving times.

But that is not enough to keep

My heart from growing weak.

It's simple.  I'm an humble soul,

And humbly now I seek.

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jgupta's picture

Super! This humble seek is for the unsatiated soul. The run for knowledge which is infinite. Lately I had been restless for reasons I failed to diagnose. Your poem provided the soothing balm, that helped to prognos(ticate)

. Donkerman's picture

Dear Jessica

If only we can know the future! Such a sad poem, such sorrow…

Your friend from afar