When Spring Brings Sun

When Spring Brings Sun

When spring brings sun to rest on me

And all the new-green leaves

Are budding near my porch retreat

My soul within is pleased

I feel rebirth take place inside

Where lives the child I was

The dreamer, lover, healer-girl

Whose hopes are still uncrushed

When spring brings sun to rest on me

I smile, I acquiesce

For I have learned one thing in life

In living it, I'm blessed

I may not meet the goals I set

In childhood fantasies

Yet, while I live and laugh and breathe

My inner-child's at ease

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Rachel  Marie Tate's picture

This is a sweet poem on living... I, too, feel blessed... but especially blessed that I came across your page tonight... you are so uplifting to read~ I also love the color yellow the best, and daffodils being my favorite flower, I just had to post a ((((smile)))) for you here :-)