"Designer Colors"

Designer Colors

The year's at end and here am I

in contemplation's snare.

I think of all the years now past

so barren and so bare.

With pallette soft I try to paint

a scene from loves I've met.

The harshest hue, I'll ever view

is one we call "regret".

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teddy rex patton's picture

The year of Yesterday seems yet so very near.
It ended at midnight, at the start of Today's year.

Every moment begins a New Year of a kind.
The magic of past year's joys I cherish in my mind.

Barren-ness and sorrow came, faded, and went away.
I found the truest Hopes of heart in memories which stay.

Pallette-hues of Joy, Hope, Prayers, Love never fade.
Life's dream-soft brush of artistry I will not trade.

The freshest scenes of Life are in living paint.
Those loving scenes are indelible, and never faint.

So, at midnight, another day begins, it's true.
There'll never come a day or year, when I stop loving you.

Karyn Indursky's picture

Interesting connection between the picture and the poem. The colors of lady blend with her looking down in regret. It was no accident that you ended on that word or that her looking down sadly is what remains in the viewers eyes. Great job.