Has Hell Frozen Over?

Has Hell Frozen Over?

You told me (as we parted)

So many hurtful things,

You called me names, and swore

I'd only see you in my dreams.

Said I'd wish I had you back

And that was gospel truth.

How Hell would be a block of ice

When I again saw you.

What is it then that meets my eye

As I gaze at call ID?

Is that your lighted number there

As I quickly push "delete"?

Give me a break (and not my heart).

This time I have more sense.

I'm not as young or naive,

And certainly not as dense.

I heard from friends how you regret

The way you left in haste,

You told them days were lonely now

And all your efforts waste.

Well, life is tough for knotheads

And those who think of self,

Put all that pity, pride and hate

And your attitude on a shelf.

Would I just once consider?

You want to start anew?

Would I go out just one more time?

With a macho prize like you?

Wel-l-l, let me put it simply

In terms you'll understand...

When Hell freezes over, I'll do it,

But Honey, until then........

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written many years ago...

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kat's picture

Great poem. 
My dad did that....after realizing what he let go, tried coming back. 
My mother worked hard keeping  everything altogether when he went. 
She was smart enough not to take up his 'generous' offer! 

Judy Costea's picture

You are a trip, I love this one.. You know how many people would love to send this to their ex's...LOL... You hit the nail right on the head..(When Hell Freezes Over)...
Very good poem.
Peace and Love