Memories Of You

Memories Of You

Some nights I sit and wait for sleep.

While tears unbidden come.

My heart will race inside my chest,

A sprinter on the run.


I never know when you will be

That ghost inside my head,

But you have cost me endless sleep,

A wonder I'm not dead.


The memory of you stokes the coals.

The embers turn to flame.

The ache is with me everyday.

Yet still I call your name.


Too bad the tableau in my head

Should be so bittersweet.

I wish I might peel off the marred,

And all that's special keep.


How could you choose to cast away

The best thing in your life?

Brass for gold, your trade was bold,

Your liquor for your wife.

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. Donkerman's picture

Dear Jessica

Such a sad poem - written in tears… When I lost my mate my heart was broken in a million pieces – and I just wanted to give up on life as I missed her so much, but in time the sun invited me back into the world of the living. I hope the sun has found you already.

Your friend next to the Corel Sea


Judy Costea's picture

What a beautiful poem from your heart, brought tears to my eyes. You really put yourself into your poems and bring them to life. I am glad I had a chance to read from your heart.
Love and Peace walk with you.

Nicolette Van der Walt's picture


A poem written in tears – a poem that punches you right in the heart. There are many ways to break a heart, but what really breaks a heart is taking the dream away – what ever that dream may be… Wow, I love you graphics (how do you do it?) – beautiful presentation that compliments the essence of the poem! I understand…and I wish you a new dream and new memories, my friend!

Warm Regards


Cletus Hardiman's picture

Choosing "booze" over a good wife.....not a good choice for me...or anyone!!! :)

Good poem--nice startling ending!

Cletus Hardiman

kat's picture

Pretty darn good Jess!
Had me wondering right to the end.
(btw, still can't view this on Netscape for whatever reason)