Like A Child

Love Or Lack Of It

Like A Child

I believed your words because I needed to hear them.

I'd waited to hear them from someone like you.

Like a child, consoled with your many false promises,

Too infantile I, to then question their truth.

I reached out to you in the midnight of loneliness,

An anchor of light in the mire of my gloom.

Like a child, embracing your empty, trite rhetoric,

I thought you had hung them, the sun and the moon.

You chose well your sweet words with the bullseye in question,

My own foolish heart that had broken before.

Like a child, I accepted your lies as pure Heaven.

I'd waited a lifetime to be so adored.

Little niggling dark doubts periodically surfaced.

I pushed them aside with abandon and joy.

Like a child, I let hopes over-ride my good senses,

Too late I did learn.  I'm your Internet toy.

I am simply a fool, since I've questioned your motives,

Albeit, I sit still in front of this screen.

Like a child, finding notes that you wrote to another,

I throw a quick tantrum, "You're hateful and mean!"

Music: Release Me

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Cletus Hardiman's picture

Good work, Jessica...But, then your work is always good!

Thanks for sharing!

Cletus Hardiman

kat's picture

Interesting Poem, Jess