Fatty Maddie

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Fatty Maddie

Nana has an angel,

She was sent from God above.

She calls her Fatty Maddie,

So full of joy and love.

We didn't know she was a thief,

'Til she stole our hearts away,

Our Maddie grows in all our lives

More precious every day.

She "Ahhhhs, Uh-ohs" and says "OHHH-Weee!"

When a pretty sight she sees.

An angel with a golden laugh

And never hard to please.

She tries to pick the flowers from

The mural on the wall,

That I painted there for Nana,

They stand so straight and tall.

Sweet little Fatty Maddie

Is losing chubbiness.

She's getting rid of baby fat

As she grows tall, I guess.

It's strange how she has changed our lives

Forever and all times.

Our precious little Madisyn,

God's ray of pure sunshine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Maddie is the granddaughter of Gerry and Dale Vosbury of Newnan, Georgia and the great granddaughter of Raymond and Sibyl Cook also of Newnan.

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Melanie Moran's picture

that was a beautiful poem...and she is absolutely adorable!!!

Nana's picture

I know your sister and I think Madisyn looks just like her. She is just beautiful also!!!