"Easter's Meaning"



eggs, or chicks,

are cute, but are not

what I see when I think

of Easter.  I see an open

gapingly empty tomb with an

angel there who is smiling and

proclaiming  to you and to me, to

the  whole  world  that Christ, Our

Savior and Lord has risen from the

grave for  the salvation of all men.

And that because of Him all of us

might have everlasting life freely

given.  Yes, Easter is a Holy and

sacred time that has not even

one single thing to do with

eggs or baby chicks. It

is simply my Jesus,

Our Savior!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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beaconzbard's picture

Great poem. Loved it. Sort of tells it like it is. I like that. Great shape, like how you arranged the lines to form an Easter Egg.

In Christ,


Starward's picture

This poem should be printed out and put in EVERY Christian's Bible. The "gapingly" open tomb-----that adverb you have used has all of the dramatic splendor of John's 20th chapter (the earliest, I believe, of the Easter testimonies). As I continue to read, I am going to start with your spiritual folder first! Wow! What a great Poet to meet on a Sunday afternoon----you have been a real blessing to me today.


[ * /+/ ^ ]

K Warren's picture

Hi Jessica,
I saw you as a featured poet and have enjoyed reading a bit of your poetry. I found this one to be particularly refreshing - Easter is probably my favorite holiday because of the hope of the resurrection. "gapingly empty tomb" works well...gives me the impression of the empty tomb demanding to be seen even after all these years. Just wanted to say thanks for this!