I'm Mad!


I'm Mad!

I stomped my foot at Bobby.

He said that I play bad!

He thought he hurt my feelings,

But he just made me mad!

I know they always pick me last,

And I don't get to bat.

He called me "squirt" and laughed at me.

That's when I stomped and spat.

He thinks he's hot stuff--Bobby!

I told him he was dumb.

He may be good at baseball,

But HE'S the stupid one.

He thought that he would make me cry!

I'd like to be his size.

Then I would teach a thing or two

To Bobby and his guys!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I found this cute littel fellow on the net and I just HAD to show him off.  Working with kids all day every day, I had a pretty good idea of what to say.  lol

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Ernest Bevans's picture

splendid poem.
I love the flow - it would make a wonder
addition in any child's book of poetry.