End Of The World

Love Or Lack Of It

End Of The World

The sun arose in flaming red,

And washed across the sky.

I thought the world would surely end,

If e're you said "goodbye".

The birds are trilling, singing.

The light spears through the trees.

I'd oft' supposed my life would close,

If you should ever leave.

The mantle clock is ticking on.

It chimes upon the hour.

I'd thought that time would come to end,

You held me in such power.

My heart is beating in my breast.

The pain I feel like fire.

You said you'd love me 'til I died.

Oh!  You were such a liar!

The traffic passes on the street.

I hear the radio.

I'd thought the world would surely end,

My God!  It is not so!

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Jon Pitt's picture

I had to read this one, as I got one with the same name, but yours wraps up the scenery of the end of the world a lot better than mine. How do you get flowers and pictures in the background? You must use HTML some how, but I'm not sure how you do it.

From Jon

Cletus Hardiman's picture

Jessica! I don't know which is the best--your poem or the picture! I wish I was the man in the pic! :) I am glad things are better with you!

Your friend,

Cletus Hardiman

kat's picture

Oh my my my Jessica!
What a delicious picture! And a lovely poem indeed.
A great combination.

Ernest Bevans's picture

The world
ends thus, when
we have forgotten
how to love.
All that fire
all that passion
all that fury
is reserve for that end,
not that the world be destory;
but that it burns violent
at heart and love be remembered.

burning like thorns on a dried river bed
and that glorious fusion stirs the ash
and the phonix rises just as brilliant and renewed
to recreate a world now trembling lies baited by pure love.