Poor Little Kitty

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Poor Little Kitty

I heard a noise this morning,

As I checked for frozen pipes.

It's been so cold that I had cause

To make sure all was right.

For months I'd known of visits

She made in dead of night.

I'd seen her once while running

Right through our motion lights.

She'd left her prints upon my car

But oh! So shy was she!

This morning though, I heard her,

And went outside to see.

Too small to be a full grown cat

She looked me in the eye.

Half frozen, starving kitty,

I'm glad I heard you cry.

My allergies have taken toll.

No longer have I pets.

Allergic to their dust and hair,

I sneeze myself to death.

I've prayed about the lack of pet,

And I know God has heard.

I told Him I'd take what he sent.

He took me at my word.

She's a rambler, independent,

Won't come into the house.

But every time I step outside,

She purrs so sweet and loud.

God knew that we both needed each,

And He sent her to me.

She's sleeping in the bed we made,

On carport wild and free.

Poor little kitty, cold and starved,

You ate three heaping plates,

You knew that you were wanted then,

When Jim gave you his steak.

I hear the purrs and feel you rub

Against my leg in love.

If cats can pray, then that's two prayers

God answered from above.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She's a calico just like the picture above and I named her Sunshine because she warms my heart.

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kiwi's picture

Poor Little Kitty

I hope Sunshine is now a happy, fat cat. I am sure she would love the poem as much as I do. Nice to see you again.


Smile.. it is the cheapest facelift.

Connie Pyle's picture

Dear Jessica,
Oh My how I loved your "Kitty" poem. I read your comments on Bern's poem, and thought, "Now this is a lady that I want to know............she's loves animals a whole lot.
I have a little cat named "Kitty" and she's so much like yours! Independent to a fault, and is not an indoor cat, but outdoor cat for years. She was only 4months when I first brought her home. She missed her Momma so much, she nursed at my neck!
I just love your poem, with the purr, purr, purr sound, but must alert you to the fact, that your picture can't be found.
Warm love

Unknown Poet's picture

So cute! Your poem was perfect for the picture of this cat.

Linda Hayes's picture

I have a cat named Princess, and she thinks she is just that.

This poem reminds me of a little kitten that I found when I was a kid. My mother fed it, but she wouldn't let is keep it. Than little kitten used to follow me to school every morning, and I'd find her waiting for me in the park every afternoon.

I'm slightly alergic to my cat, but I wouldn't trade her for anything.

Ernest Bevans's picture

Pets are comforting. I love cats but I am allergic to the hair they shed. But here is a cat I can enjoy without having my eyes swell up.

kat's picture

Five 'meows' of approval. A cat-chy little poem.
simply purrrfect!