I Don't Know Why

Love Or Lack Of It

I Don't Know Why

He says he loves me

but I have no understanding why.

I hope he does for I remain

that simple being, "I".

I shouldn't be so anxious when

his love I may possess.

Yet, I've been promised "more" before,

and all I got was "less".

Those habits hard to break are ones

which milk emotions dry.

I don't want to be left alone

to lick my wounds and cry.

How does a person so abused

by all that's come before,

Throw down her guard, lift up her head,

and open wide love's door?










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Cletus Hardiman's picture

Jessica. I can relate to this poem completely. But, I have never given up! I think that someday, some place, maybe it will happen!

You are a great writer, Jessica! Never let anyone ever tell you any differently!

Cletus Hardiman

kat's picture

Ohhhhhhhhhh... love that picture!
Very nice poem....I know how hard it can be
to let that guard down again.