What Comes Around...

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What Comes Around...

I told you I've been sick, but NO!  You just don't care.

I got the duty anyway--no break in there.

It's not contractual that I be misused this way.

But I don't flinch, I've too much pride.  You'll have your day.

If there is one thing I have learned, let me expound.

What goes around will certainly come back around.

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alf's picture

hahahahaha, I was waiting for that flamin dummy to be spat out.

Cletus Hardiman's picture

Hey, Jessica! :) :) This is one that you need to submit to that someone we talked about earlier! I feel that way about them, too!

No, I would not change a thing! Maybe put someone's name on it! LOL

Good job!

Cletus Hardiman

kat's picture

Well! I guess you told 'them"