Cricket In The House

Life In General


There's a cricket in my bedroom.

I just heard it squeak.

Dead of night, the darkness hovers.

I WAS fast asleep.

All the world around me slumbers,

'Cept that piercing tweak.

I creep up to find the rascal,

But he no more shrieks.

Up I jump!  And he stops squeaking...

He is playing me!

I crawl and crouch.  The light is on.

I no cricket see.

Back to my nice warm bed I leap,

Then I snuggle down.

I'm slipping into slumber now,

Dreams and sighs abound.

A-h-h-h! dozing toasty warm I drift...


I leap from bed, trip over shoes,

Instantly I'm down!

I'm telling this before they come,

Taking me away.

I WAS as sane as anyone.

That was yesterday.

The carpet now is snatched right up.

Broom broke clean in two.

The pesticides I sprayed three times--

Floorboards to the roof.

That stinking little monster still

Is making fun of me!

His shrill and shrieking cricket chirp

Now he sounds with glee!

Screaming, schreeching, swatting wildly

Cricket, you take that!

I missed tormentor by a mile!

Tossed the baseball bat.

"I hear you banging on the door.  

No!  You can't come in!

I'm in a war with Cricket and,

Promise you, I'll win!"

"Let me go!" I beg with vengeance.

"You don't understand!"

Railing like a maniac, I'm

Taken to the van.

"There's a cricket in my bedroom.

I just heard it squeak....."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If there is anything that gets on my nerves it's a cricket chirping in the middle of the night.......

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L.A. Sanders's picture

I loved this poem. It reveals a mirror that shows us ourselves in the midst of our private thoughts.

kat's picture

Only thing cuter than that cricket in hand...
is this poem!
Very cute!