I Know He's Not Tom Selleck

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I Know He's Not Tom Selleck

I know he's not Tom Selleck, but I'm no beauty queen.

The joy he gives me daily, makes my once sad heart sing.

I know he has no fortune to spend on luxuries,

But I don't need big money, just so that man loves me.

Of course there is no mansion, set high upon a hill,

But his sweet voice next to my ear still gives my heart a thrill.

I know you'll think I'm crazy, but I can live with that.

Old Tom is nice, but the man I got can match him tit for tat.

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alxorange's picture

god bless you. good stuff.

Kristine Snow's picture

Hi Jessica,

What a great poem. Fun to read and I am sure you had fun writing it.

This was written to be funny - and it was - but you could tell that you meant what you said!


Nicolette Van der Walt's picture

Dear Jessica

You give away your age and taste with this one., lol!! But rest assured…by appreciating this poem as much as I did I gave mine away as well!! A poem that I’ve enjoyed very much – the beauty and the greatness of love – so beautiful at any age – and where there’s love, contentment’s there – I wish you love!!

Warm Regards


kat's picture

Hubba Hubba!
Love that picture!
Yes, I'll admit, BIG fan of Tom Selleck
Also a 'Jessica' fan---great piece as usual kiddo!


Ernest Bevans's picture

This poem is some lucky mans greatest compliment.
Keep Writing and Keep the faith.