Family And Friends


I learned a lot

when I had you,

Son of my youth, my child.

I found it possible

to love with a depth

That seemed fantastical, wild!

I met in the babe

that I held in my arms,

A friend I would have all my days.

I loved you and cherished

your fumbling steps,

Adored the smile on your face.

You taught me love in

its purest form,

The depth of it older that man.

The warmth that I feel

at the sight of my child,

Is beyond me.  

I don't understand.

I watched you explore

all the world at your door,

Each animal, song,

soul and sound.

No one was spurned

in your conquests, Son.

Your love knew no measure,

no bounds.

From the fish in a bowl

that we two brought home,

To the stray cat

you petted and hugged,

You never held back

from committment then.

You gave everything,

all of your love.

I've watched you

as you have matured, Son,

And I've wanted

to say it with pride.

YOU are the father

I wish YOU had known,

To the children

you raise at your side.

My firstborn, my sweet


My precious and

wonderful son,

Your mother would like

you to know it,

In counting her blessings

you're number one.

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No greater love hath a woman for her son except for god's love for all and one.