Taking Down The Tree


Taking Down The Tree

No music now is playing,

No manger and no sleigh.

I'm taking down the Christmas tree,

To pack it all away.

The holidays are over.  

The visiting is done.

Yet handmade trinkets that I hold

Remind me of someone.

Ben's brown bag gingerbread man,

Gene's own paper cup bell,

Gary's scraggly drummer boy,

weave all around me their spell.

The tree is unimportant.  

I'll cram it in a box.

I'll put the angel on a shelf,

Unmussed her golden locks.

The lights will be repackaged

To use again next year,

But the ornaments my children made

Can draw a quiet tear.

The part and parcel of Christmas

That I shall cherish throughout,

Is the love of my Savior and family.  

That's what it's all about.

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captures the importance of any moment
and that is not the moment itself
but the person's we spend that moment with.
Keep Writing - Keep the faith.