She May Not Have A Halo

Family And Friends

She May Not Have A Halo

I have a friend who's kitten soft.

She cries while reading books.

She takes in strays.  Supports her spouse.

Ignores her own good looks.

Sometimes I think that there is much

She has to crow about,

But she is one who'll never speak

Her praise from her own mouth.

She isn't perfect as she'd tell

If she should have the chance.

She may not have a gold halo,

If she did t'would hang askance,

But she's the kindest lady

I've met in quite some time.

She grieves for those she never met,

Eulogized in rhyme.

Oh yes, I'm glad I found her.

One day upon the "net".

You can have your email buds,

But I'll keep Kim, you bet!

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kat's picture

Once again you know how to touch me, huh?
It's been an especially bad week and I haven't visited anyone's poem pages until just now....
and look what I find first off. Thank you so much. It's very nice.