I've been in my sick bed for three long days.

Even my hair is in pain.

Every time I have holidays,

I find that I'm sick once again.

I'd like to go back to that lovely time past

That came before this awful plight.

I knew I had sinuses.  Everyone does.

But now it's an on-going fight.

Headaches and chills, intolerance to light,

Stuffy and stabbing hot pain.

A trip to the doctor to get all new meds,

Then back again home to remain.

"What did you do during your Christmas break?"

I'll hear as the kids start to ask.

"I coughed with the flu, choked, and nose blew,

I ached in my bed," I will gasp.

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kat's picture

Cute poem, but so sorry to hear you are still feeling under the weather!

Lucky for us, it seems it doesn't slow your writing down too much! Good for you!

I hope you feel Better VERY soon!!