A New Year's Resolution "


A New Year's Resolution

In youth’s splendor I did halt each time the year did quell,

Awaiting some fine promise, hearing midnight’s bells.

A New Year comes to those who dream and reach for fantasy,

That castle sitting on a hill, a rainbow colored sea.

I resolved so many things the number quite eludes,

Work harder at relationships, a few more pounds to lose.

I’ll write that novel.  It will sell.  This year will be my best!

I look back now and know the joy was really in the quest.

That maid in me, who dreamed her dreams, vies now for release.

She wishes for contentment, warmth and inner peace.

This year I’ll make just one resolve.  To keep it I’ll be free.

I plan to grasp my life in hand and live that life for me.

The ones who claim to love me, will yet be loved in turn,

But now the need for love’s sweet touch does not so hotly burn.

I’ve garnered a sweet lesson, no doubting nor debate.

Grab tight those dreams that are your own before it is too late.

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Ernest Bevans's picture

This poem is universal, the resolution for peace is a universal one. It is not that peace will replace "love which so hotly burned". It is tha universe yours and ours
will finally in your new years resolution, acheive the balance which the universe demands. Somewhere between calm and choas lies a new creation. That of love for God, for ourselves and then for others - the balance which God intended for us. Forgive the comentary to which your "resolution" moved me, the bottom line here is: I loved your poem.

kat's picture

Very nicely said, Jessica.
Hope you have a very good new year.