Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

I walked through our apartment,

Hung up my scarf and coat,

Glanced around me in the room

And spied your "good-bye" note.

You told me how you're sorry,

You can't stay one more night,

How rough are life's temptations,

That you've finally lost your fight.

Well, I've got just one thing to say,

I hope it blows your mind.

I wont' be waiting here for you

When you come home this time.

I've got some pride myself, you know,

And I don't look so bad.

I'm going to have a brand new life

That's better than I've had.

And when you come back crawling,

I won't have time for you.

So Happy New Year, from me.

This time we're really through.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I decided to take the same music and graphics and make them mean exactly the opposite by using words that are poles apart.  It's the poem that matters.  lol (see New Year's Promise)

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kat's picture

Well, that's a very interesting 'kick in the pants' for someone. I like the
way you said it. Good job.