New Year's Promise


New Year's Promise

I looked through our old album

Today while you were gone.

And wondered at the lifetime,

Of good and bad we've known.

The picture of me Daddy took,

With our squirming newborn son,

The one the newsman gave us

At the shooting match you won,

The photo of an angel

We lost when she was three,

The ones we took last Christmas,

And a younger you and me.

Then as I sat there gazing

At our lives held in my hand,

I made myself a promise

That I hope you'll understand.

Life is full of many things

That we cannot forsee,

But YOUR love grows more precious

Daily now, My Love, to me.

So as this New Year beckons,

With fresh days still new, unspent,

I promise you you'll be more loved,

Than you have ever been.

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kat's picture

Another good one Jessica. Thanks a bunch.
Have a great new year.