Christmas For Momma


Christmas For Momma

Who carried you beneath her heart?  Then in much pain gave birth?

Who cherished you and sang sweet songs, and kissed away your hurt?

Who did without necessities so you could have a toy?

Who took your side in every case, belove-ed darling boy?

Where are you now when that same heart yearns for the sight of you?

When a bell you made from a paper cup can wring a tear or two?

She who has your baby shoe upon her Christmas tree,

Would like to ask her precious son,  "Have you forgotten me?"

She will not ask for visits.  She's done that all before.

You took with you near half her heart when you walked out the door.

You only live ten miles away; yet, once a year you come,

You'll cut your Christmas visit short and rob her of her fun.

What made you leave and ne're return?  Why must her sad heart wait?

Silently she bears her pain and prays it will abate.

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Kristine Snow's picture

So sad...and unfortunately so true. If one person reads this and realizes how selfish they are not to share a bit of their time, it will be worth it.