Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell

There was a time years ago when I thought that rainbows really did end with a pot of gold, that...

Good comes to him who waits,

Every storm has a silver lining,

It will all come out in the wash,

Tomorrow will bring a better day.

Sometimes I grow so weary waiting for that silver lining, and a little golden ray to shine tomorrow...

What about the pain of today?

The loneliness of feeling empty?

That sharp jab of pain when I go everywhere alone?

The fear that I will never enjoy the dreams of my youth?

My life won't last forever and I'm beginning to sense that no matter which road I take, I missed the turn-off a while ago...

When Spring stirred my soul to dream,

As Summer became a party invitation waiting to be accepted,

And Autumn was the glorious parade of nature's majesty,

As winter became the time to incite snuggling with a loved one.

Only time will tell if I have waited too long or if I will one day feel joy and expectancy again.  For now...

Spring is too far away.

Summer is a lonely time of isolation.

Autumn is a remembrance of the glory I had hoped for.

Winter is much too cold for a lukewarm soul to bare.

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Ernest Bevans's picture

Well - is winter the the moment of this-content?
The summer you seek is in the friendships you
have accumulated for yourself like gold...
Do not lose hope - the sun returns... tomorrow