Leaving The Christ In Christmas


The artwork below is part of a copyrighted painting by Paula Vaughn and used with her permission.  It is not to be copied in any way.  To view more of her lovely talent, click on the paint pallette.


Leaving The Christ In Christmas

Ev'rywhere I look of late I see the finery.

Windows decked in foil and lights coerce a shopping spree.

Santas in the malls and stores take kiddies on their knees

And promise tykes their hearts' desires they'll find beneath a tree.

"X-mas stockings," one sign boasts.  "For sale at half the price!

"Come and get one for each child, brocaded and so nice!"

I watch those shoppers rushing on from store to store to shop,

And wonder if they notice all the "Xs", pause, or stop.

When did this world decide it?  Who made this loathsome plan?

When took they Christ from Christmas?  And put in greed of man?

It must have been around the time that fam'lies fashioned out,

Or could it be because we've swapped our trust in God for doubt?

I'm only one lone person, but I won't acquiesce.

I'm leaving Christ in Christmas.  He'll be my honored guest.

I'll tell the manger story to all my kith and kin.

When Jesus knocks upon my door I'll gladly welcome Him.

What mighty, joyous diff'rence, we'd see in our great land,

If all kept Christ in Christmas and honored Him again.

There'd be no need for courtrooms, nor guns, nor alcohol.

If we left Christ in Christmas, and served Him one and all.  

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xx_satan_xx's picture

Well, not to be offensive, and I really mean that, but because of Religion, we have guns and we fight wars because people want all countries to believe in "God" when they already have a "God". Because of Relgion, we have to have guns, and courtrooms. Wine is Alcohol. They serve it in churches to people. So also, because of Christ and God, we have Alcohol. I'm truley sorry is this is offensive to you. Really I am.

kat's picture

Ain't that the TRUTH. It's such a shame. I'd like to see all these people who want the Christ out of Christmas, give up their paid Christmas day off. Bet they'd scream in a hurry. They don't mind celebrating and being paid for a religious holiday---just don't mention the "C" (hrist) word or the "G" (od) word. Duh, what's it all about, anyway?

Well, as usual, Jessica, you did a fine job. Thanks for sharing