Just A Favor

Just A Favor

I don't mean to bother.  I'm tired...

Tired of the guilt and the pain.

I've tried to stay busy and hide it,

Fatigue takes me over again.

Every time that I think that I've made it,

And I have a calm day, one or two.

Something occurs that will change it.

And I'll find all my thoughts are of you.

It's still quite a shock to my system,

The fact that we two now are one.

You left in your wake hearts still broken.

Your children still stagger.  They're stunned.

You say you've made peace with your maker.

I'm glad that you have, cross my heart.

Could you do just one thing for your sons, Sir?

Mend bridges 'ere you should depart.

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ugonna's picture

So real, colourful and meaningful.
The urge to make peace before
departure is a striking defination
of how life with one another should
be...the reality and imagery of
the sons touches deep down...

Thank you so much, Jessica!


kat's picture

Well done Jessica. Not only is it visually beautiful (you know I'm jealous of the pics you find!) but the poem itself is more loaded with meaning than just the words on the page.
Very, very well done!