My Friend Gary

My Friend Gary

I have a friend I've never met,

But I know well his heart.

He is a true and gentle soul,

Who's been here from the start.

When'ere I feel depressed or sad,

I think of my dear friend.

Gary says just what I need

To give my face a grin.

I know the Internet is large,

And sometimes not so safe,

But I thank God for folks like him

And other friends I've made.

His poet's heart is kind and true.

He minces not his words.

He says he likes my poetry.

I think HIS superb.

Music: "Friendship"

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Wordman's picture

From a life time ago your

From a life time ago your words still make me smile. I am forever in your debt for carving my name onto the walls of Post Poems. 

   I hope all is well...Gary

Rachel  Marie Tate's picture

His face seems so familiar to me... I wonder if I've had the pleasure of reading his work. At any rate, I'm sure he must feel quite flattered to have a lady such as yourself write a poem for him... :-) nice :-)