A Turkey's Tale


A Turkey's Tale

Today I’m twelve months old and I’m no more a chick.

I’ve lived through many trials all by thinking quick.

My old man told me just before the ax came down,

Son, hide yourself each time November rolls around.

I watched the others gobble up the extra food,

The hunger deep inside would whisper, “That tastes GOOOOD!”

But I knew just one month more and it would be

Thanksgiving day for people and the death of me!

I starved and ran around and round that little pen,

I heard the hens all saying I had lost all sense,

But I know something they don’t know and it’s the truth,

I’m not so crazy.  "Turkey" day will give the proof.

Oh, my!  They weighed each Tom of us and I was thrown

Back to the pen where I just flapped around and groaned.

The smallest child has taken me as her own pet,

She feeds me very well, and OH! such food I get.

I heard the mother hen tell her just yesterday

To give me all I’d eat and help me put on weight.

I am the smartest turkey in the whole wide world.

I have my own care-taker in this human girl.

I wonder at attention that I now am shown.

Everyday they smile and say how much I’ve grown.

I strut and preen and let them see how smart I am.

But what means “Christmas dinner” and being “stuffed with yams”?

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Kristine Snow's picture

Hi Jess,

A surprise ending....I thought the poor little guy was going to make it! Greg was cooking a turkey the other day, glanced out the window and there was a flock of about 20-30 in the yard....coming to get him???? Hmmm.....anyway, this was great. Thanks for sharing with us.


Doni Gleaton's picture

This was absolutely gr8..I enjoyed reading this~!